Jack’s show has a bad guy, and his name is Mr. Clockwork.

'You notice, it's 'MISTER', not 'Doctor.'He doesn't have a medical degree- that's one of the basic insecurities of his character. I, I think it's what drives him to carry out all these twisted experiments- he believes he has something to prove.'
-Clock,on Mr. Clockwork.

The Park’s living auts are born actors, and they play their ride and show ‘characters’ like roles. Clock is gentle and jumpy, a dedicated method actor who likes making balloon animals and has a bit of a thing (okay, a LOT of a thing) for the designated damsel-in-distress of Jack’s show, the Lady Mayoress.

He’s not the greatest fan of striking utter terror into the hearts and minds of small children, but unfortunately- once in costume- he’s very, very good at it.

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